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Car Booster focus on interior and exterior accessories for your vehicle, this covers a wide range of categories. We pride ourselves on providing honest and reliable information that can be trusted and taken as unbiased. Interior vehicle accessories range radio systems to headlights and coolant. anything that is inside the vehicle is what this focuses on. At Car Booster our team specialise in focusing on certain items and finding out the best products and brands for that particular item.  

For the exterior this ranges from things such as roof racks and bike racks, to lifts and suspension. Our full range of accessories can be viewed by clicking below. Exterior vehicle accessories is important to motoring as it simplifies travel by allowing you to enlarge the carrying capacity of your vehicle, thereby maximising on its full potential. 

Exterior vehicle accessories range from car winches to all types of car racks, such as bike racks, roof racks, Kayak racks and roof boxes. Our list of exterior vehicle  accessories is below. 

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Bike racks

Roof racks

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Exterior accessories

Exterior vehicle accessories